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Maximilien LUCE 1858/1941 - View of the Thames with the parliament - French School of the twentieth

Name : View of the Thames with the parliament
Period : XXe century
School : French
State : Good condition
Matter : Pencil drawing on paper
Sizes : 27.5 cm (l) x 22 cm (h) x (p)

Maximilien LUCE 1858/1941 - View of the Thames with the parliament - French School of the twentieth



Maximilien Luce, born March 13, 1858 and died February 6, 1941 in Paris, is a painter, engraver and French libertarian activist. His earliest known paintings date from 1876. He used the technique of pointillism, developed by Georges Seurat. He was also a portraitist and poster.

Luce was with Seurat and Signac one of the founders of the Neo-Impressionist school based on the scientific study of light and the analysis of the prismatic effect of colors. Great friend of Camille Pissarro, Georges Seurat, Theo Van Rysselberghe and Louis Valtat. For a number of years it takes this strictly "pointillist" and later a more flexible technique. Urban landscapes and scenes depicting the world of the working class (manufacturers, dockers, workers, fishermen) in 1930 are prominent in his work.

Several influences have marked his paintings. Coming from the working world, in connection with his ideas, it becomes a landscape scenes crunching industrial cities and men at work which he exalts the effort.

His friend Felix Fénéon presents in 1887 as "a brutal and loyal to a rough talent and muscular." In 1888, he described his work as that of a neo-impressionist, which "relates to Mr Seurat system to paint with bold colors, placed one beside the other, legitimized by their complementary and producing intense light vibrations [...] The art of Mr. Luce attempts to paint with a broad bill serenity and simple lines, the workers in their working occupations. "2 The following year, Fénéon notes a change in the colors of the painter: "lands, these old lands, are on the palette Maximilien Luce, and they deducted the érugineux appearance - despite the purple - and heavy of his paintings. " He added, "Mr. Luce is, as was Vallès, a strictly classical artist shows such in all its painted landscapes, and in the album of lithographs he recently published".

From 1890 to 1914, Luce works by his drawings and illustrations, to anarchists inspirations publications such as The Father and The Social Peinard.


Signature: lower right Luce
Period: 20th French School
Technique: Pencil drawing on paper - Very good condition
Format: with frame 27.5 x 22 cm - 10.8 x 8.7 inches - without frame 16 x 10 cm - 6.3 x 3.9 inches
Frame: wood frame - good condition


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