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Franz PRIKING 1929/1979 - Landscape in the hamlet - French School of the twentieth

Franz PRIKING 1929/1979 - Landscape in the hamlet - Watercolor and ink signed - French School of the twentieth.

The back face authentication made by the Martin Gallery Caille A840N and bearing the number.


FRANZ PRIKING, born August 7, 1929 in Mülheim in Rhineland (Germany) who died in 1979.

Priking born into a Catholic family in a difficult time with the rise to power of the Nazis. His father sends his family in a convent in Upper Silesia where Franz remained until 1945. From a young age his father breathes the taste of the history of art and drawing.

At age 15, he was conscripted into the German army and a few hours after his first fight. He was sent to Auschwitz which a year later, he managed to escape.

A pocket philosophy bin, he studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar in 1948 to undergo training in painting, then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, where he was a pupil of Max PECHSTEIN, one of the founders Die BRÜCKE movement. Max PECHSTEIN introduced him to expressionism.

Bertolt Brecht from 1948 to 1949 he met through the Tombrok painter. Brecht offer him hospitality for ten months and introduced him to Socialist Realism.

It is close to the paint Jawlinsky, Kandinsky, Nolde but works Permeke and Flemish painters he will retain the glazes. Permeke it is inspired by affixing a black ring to showcase objects. He exhibited at Dortmund in 1949 and then in Baden Baden in 1951.

In 1951 he left Germany and after a short stay in Paris, he won the South of France and is fixed temporarily in Villeneuve lès Avignon.

Until then his Fauvist painting in the style of Bauhaus, approaches of Cubism in contact he met Picasso in Arles during a first collective exhibition at the Museum of Réattu Arles.

In 1952 with money from a picture he just sold, PRIKING went to Vallauris to meet PICASSO. He stayed eight months. The Master advises and encourages him by saying "You will be one of the best painters of your generation." In his paintings appear purity of form, and shades of gray and red. Then he returned to the Avignon region Barbentane where he worked for arrachepied.

1955 he made his first major solo exhibition at the Galerie Motte in Geneva and then in DROUANT-DAVID in Paris in 1957. The exhibition will then be linked together until his death in Paris, London, Geneva, Rome, Brussels, Strasbourg Aix en Provence, Menton, Tokyo, Sao Paulo etc ....

In 1958 he won the Young Painting Prize in Paris. Then in 1961 he was elected member of the International Institute of Arts and Letters in Geneva.

In the 60s he moved to Oppède in the Luberon. In 1970, his painting takes a turn and becomes more symbolic form. He introduced the theme of the cosmos in his compositions, the horse is omnipresent. He turns to the abstract.

In 1970 he became a member of the HC Campanella Tommasso Academy of Arts and Literature of Rome Sciences. In 1972 he received the Mediterranean Union Prize of Modern Art, and Leonard Price of VINCI. In those years he exhibited in all the major capitals of the world and wrote the "Manifesto of the New Realism"

In 1979 Priking mysterious dies at the age of fifty.

His works are found in many museums: Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Musée Calvet in Avignon, Vatican Museum in Rome, Santiago de Chile Museum, Santa Fe Museum in Mexico etc. In the United States of Franz PRIKING works are present in as thirty-nine Museums, Foundations and Universities.


Signed: lower left Priking
(Artprice rating: up to € 14,000)
Period: 20th French School
Technique: Watercolor and ink on paper - Good condition
Format: with frame 70 x 53 cm - 27.6 x 20.9 inches - Unframed 49 x 31 cm - 19.3 x 12.2 inches
Setting: recent Framing - Good condition


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