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René BELLANGER 1895/1964 - Barge on a canal - French School of the XX th

Name : Barge on a canal
Period : XX th
School : French
State : Good condition
Matter : Oil on canvas
Sizes : 97 cm (l) x 83 cm (h) x (p)

René BELLANGER 1895/1964 - Barge on a canal - French School of the XX th

René Charles Bellanger 1895/1964

Painter born in Augicourt in Oise 2 December 1895. A pupil of Felix COURCHE and Pierre Montezin. Explained the 1925 Independents shows in 1939 and the French Artists in 1925.

He soon felt the need to draw landscapes. From the beginning, incentives were provided by friends Maximilien Luce him Montézin Pierre Eugène Louis Valtat and Maurice de Vlaminck.

By listening to the lessons of his elders, he remained himself: a sensitive artist, desperate for light and color, for whom work at his easel is the purest joys, the joy of life that explodes in his paintings.

He paints the banks of the Ill, the Alsatian houses. He met in Strasbourg Marie Lucie Zumsteg who would become his wife and with whom he settled in Dreux.
1923 Bellanger married and moved to Dreux, where he goes with his brother a garden bankrupt shop. The proximity of Paris allows it to maintain contacts with artistic circles of the capital. During a hunting party, he met Pierre Montézin, 20 years his senior, who already has a lot of friends in Dreux. He is trained in a group of landscape painters who advise and encourage.

He becomes a member of Independent where he met Luce and Signac, which encouraged him to work for the show. His professional activities still occupy much of his time. He spent all his Sundays painting and summer, from the early morning with his easel in the countryside. It also happens to take its plant to subject.
In 1933 Exhibition of paintings and sculpture at Dreux Museum that presents with Bellanger many artists Montézin, Bertram, Désiré-Lucas, Tigran Polat, René Just Prevost-Valeri. Then more intimate exhibition at Galerie François Stick with Poilat, Pfeiffer Montézin. Until 1939, Bellanger is divided between his professional concerns and exhibitions independent and French Artists, where he won the Silver Medal in 1936 for the painting of the Station Boulevard in Dreux.

In 1939, Paul-Emile Pissarro entrusted for a time custody of 36 works of his father Camille Pissarro. With the 1940 debacle, Bellanger takes them to Bordeaux where his family fled. She will return to Dreux to spend much of the war until 1943 when Bellanger will make its owner. The years of occupation flow with the difficulties of the time and the many services rendered to his friends Parisian painters who lack oil paint and everything else. His whereabouts with the capital often allow it to meet Louis Valtat and Abel Bertram. He does not forget that Vlaminck, since 1936, retired in Rueil-la-Gadeliere.

1946 It reviews the Dutch painter Anton Kruysen income inhabit the region and made with him a trip to the Netherlands. Bellanger develops after the war a rather dark style, marked by Vlaminck
First solo exhibition at the Barbizon Gallery, rue des Saints-Peres in Paris. After an accident that immobilizes two months during which he only paints bouquets workshop, he decided to turn his car rolling workshop, which will allow him to paint all the time on the ground.

Rouen Exhibition at Gallery Prigent, then in Paris, at the Galerie Jean Ruaz avenue de Friedland. He then hand painted in Brittany. The landscapes he brings back evidence of the vitality of his art. Bellanger has now found his style in these paintings with a knife whose bright colors are still accented with bright colors
Exhibition at the Museum of Orleans with Orléanais Artists. special exhibition at John Ruaz Seine from Paris to Le Havre. Trip to Spain where he settled to paint on the Costa Brava.

March: Nice and the hinterland in the spring, return by Arles and the surrounding June: trip to Schwäbisch Hall where he was received by the painter and engraver Frank. Then goes to Munich, visit the Pinacoteca, painted in Salzburg, Innsbruck, etc.

source Bénézit

Signed: lower left
Coast up to 5000 €
Epoque: French School of the XX th
Theme: Landscape
Technique: Oil on canvas - lining canvas - Good condition
Format: with frame 97 x 83 cm - without frame 73 x 60 cm
Frame: new gilded wood - Very good condition



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